That evening


Through the photos taken in the house of Lucien Clergue in Arles, fiction has slowly and gradually set in.

That evening lots of people were invited. A celebration to welcome spring. In the music room a man started to play the piano. At first filtered only detached music notes… Barely heard by the guests as they gathered around drinks killing time by detailing their host’s precious objects collection. He being an art collector. Slowly though the musical notes printed their music stamps becoming more elaborated and the guess couldn’t help but being swayed led by the rhythm. They were drawn despite themselves to the piano. Walking and wandering through hallways, holding their drinks, able to keep a casual conversation going. The host took up his camera in order to immortalize this evening, and just forgot about his projects – as he joined the crowd. A sort of communion went on and soon the patio was left empty. What really happened in that music room no one can say for sure. All I can add to this is that no photos were ever found in this house. All the people that were portrayed are still missing up to this day…